Photo Albums

Listed below are the photo albums currently available on the website. Select the link to the album to view the pictures.

We have begun posting pictures on our Facebook place but you do NOT need a Facebook account to view these public pictures.

  1. Vacation Bible School 2013 closing music program posted on YouTube because it is too big for our Facebook album.
  2. Vacation Bible School 2013 photos + videos on our Facebook site---the link will take you directly to our photo album page on Facebook. You do NOT need a Facebook account to view the pictures or video
  3. The Other Wise Man Original Story video in our video space on Facebook. Video is about 11.5 minutes long. The video is a combination of two different perspectives.
  4. Vacation Bible School 2011 -- in our Facebook space. Here are the direct links to different albums:
  5. Mission Trip to UMCOR West Depot -- on church's webserver (not Facebook)
  6. Christmas in Genesis? video in our video space on Facebook. Total video is about 15.5 minutes long.
  7. Pictures for the brochure 2010
  8. Education Sunday 2010 -- on church's webserver (not Facebook)
  9. Easter Verse Choir performance + Children's Choir during Easter Service video
  10. Easter Play Rehearsal
  11. Easter Egg Hunt
  12. Maundy Thursday
  13. Palm Sunday
  14. Pancake Breakfast in early March
  15. Sleepover at the Stable video in our video space on Facebook. Total video is about 23 minutes long. Had to break it into two parts so it could be posted on Facebook.
  16. Sleepover at the Stable Christmas musical performed on December 13, 2009. Video of musical link . This takes you to the video section of our Facebook space.
  17. UMW Officer Installation for 2010 in worship service on December 6, 2009. If you want higher res versions, let Nick know.
  18. Greening of The Gathering Place. December 5th, 2009.
  19. Auction Dinner, October 2009 on our Facebook place. If you want higher res versions, let Nick know.
  20. Katherine Parker visit September 26-27, 2009 on our Facebook place. If you want higher res versions of any of the pictures, let Nick know.
  21. Vacation Church School 2009 pics on our Facebook place: Day 1 -- Day 2 -- Day 3
  22. Community Dinner on our Facebook place
  23. Tex Sample talk January 10, 2009.
  24. Vacation Church School 2008. Ending program. This includes a link to a video of the ending program.
  25. Vineyard Tour -- May 2008. Tour led by Phil Maxwell and lunch prepared by Julia Maxwell.
  26. Video of our greeting to Bishop Shamana. This is a Quicktime movie of size 320x240 and is 8.8 MB in size. A larger version 640x480 at 49.5 MB in size is available at this link.
  27. Earth Day Worship 2008 (April 20, 2008)
  28. Confirmation Retreat 2008 (March 7-9, 2008 in Aptos and San Francisco, CA)
  29. Mobile Sound System set up (okay, this is not a church event but it is another pointer to the instructions)
  30. Pastor Kimberly's last Sunday June 10, 2007
  31. Taize service candles. This shows the chancel area of the Sanctuary lit up with candles for the evening Taize service.
  32. Easter 2007
  33. Wesley 50th Anniversary Quilt Given to Bishop. The Bishop hung the quilt in a prominent location of the conference office. Pictures taken March 2007.
  34. Youth Halloween 2006 party
  35. Work Party 2006
  36. Vacation Church School 2005 on CALM Day.
  37. Butterfly (300 dpi JPEG on 8.5x11; 1 MB size); Butterfly stickers (800 dpi JPEG on 8.5x11; 11.8 MB! in size -- long download!); Butterfly photoshop before morphing (72 dpi; 10.4 MB size); Butterfly photoshop (72 dpi; 15.6 MB size).
  38. Pentecost -- Music Sunday -- May 15, 2005
  39. Dinner Auction -- April 2005
  40. Angel Tree Party -- December 2004.
  41. Greening of the Church -- November 2004.
  42. Rummage Sale -- August 2004
  43. Vacation Bible School 2004 Picture Day -- VBS Closing Ceremony
  44. Wesley Foundation Merced celebration May 2004. Includes pictures of the UC Merced campus under construction as of May 2004.
  45. Easter 2004. Pictures courtesy of David Longbottom.
  46. Rally Day 2003 morning and evening events.
  47. Easter 2003 video (Quicktime movie 3 min 51 sec): -- small version (6.8 MB) and large version (14.3 MB). If your computer does not have the Quicktime movie viewer (or an old version), you can download the Quicktime viewer for free.
  48. Easter 2003
  49. Angel Tree Christmas Party
  50. Pumpkin Patch Delivery 2002. Pictures courtesy of Dan O'Dell.
  51. Rally Day 2002 evening picnic
  52. Property pictures


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