named in China Journal of Jerry Ludeke, who taught English in Tianjin, China, for four months, February 17 to June 17, 2002

Bian Tao, male, 20s, (see Gao Lin)

Bo, David, male, late 30s, works for Sun Wing Energy Company, subsidiary of Ivanhoe Energy out of Bakersfield (John Carver contact.) Speaks English.

Bomei Company (somehow interchangeable with Bohan)

Chang Lo Lo (see Cheng Long Long, which is the correct spelling)

Charlie, male, 2, the big white Pekinese dog at the Zhangs

Cheng Long Long, female, late 40s?, accountant for Bohan Enterprises, is at the office

Ciu Xiao Jian (see Gu Xiao Juan)

Cong Cong, female, 9, the feisty little golden Pekinese dog at Zhangs. Sister of Ling Ling. Rules the other two larger dogs and makes most of the noise.

Cui Hua (English name is Willa), 23? year old female secretary for Bohan Enterprises who knows a wee bit of English. She calls me Grandma. Cui Hua means Sweet Water.

Ding Bai, male, 21, Zhang Jie¹s boy friend.

Feng Zhi Qiang, male, 30s, new at office in March, minimal experience with computers.

Fuling Zhan or Fuling (see Zhang Fuling, her complete name)

Fung, Mr. (see Feng Zhi Qiang)

Gao Meng, male, 20s, neighborhood, fiancée of Wang Yu Chun

Gao Lin, female, 20s, sister of Gao Meng. Shares neighborhood apartment with her husband, Bian Tao, her brother, Gao Meng, and his girlfriend, Wang Yu Chun.

Gao Tian Hui, female, 20s, good friend of Zhang Jie. Beautiful soprano voice.

Gu Xiao Juan, female, 40s-50s, teaches art and music at Bohan Primary. Office mate.

Hua (see Cui Hua)

Jian Goa (see Liu Jian Guo)

Li, Laura, female, 31, works for Sun Wing Energy, subsidiary of Ivanhoe Energy out of Bakersfield (John Carver contact). Speaks English.

Li Di, male, 30s, interpreter hired in March at the office.

Li Jia Ling, female, 50s, former trade official, connected to Bohan Enterprises somehow but does not work in the office. Friend of Zhang Fu Ling. She and her sister made two puppets for me. (She directed the 4th graders in a puppet show. Very creative.)

Li Lu, female, 7 year old, first grade, daughter of Ren Hei Ying

Ling Ling, female, 9, the golden middle sized Pekinese at Zhangs. Younger but much larger littermate sister of Cong Cong

Liu Jian Guo, male, late 40s?, the driver for Bohan Enterprises.

Liu Ming Yang, male, 17, son of Liu Yong and Liu Xiang Qiang.

Liu Xiang Qiang, female, 40s, wife of Liu Yong.

Liu Yong, male, 49, worked briefly for Bohan Enterprises. Speaks English. Very special.

Lu Jing Lin, male, 20s, friend of Zhang Jie, Ding Bai, and Gao Tian Hui

Lu Xiao Bo, female, 15, sister of Lu Xiao Bin. Goes to school in Tianjin.

Lu Xiao Bin, male, 17, lives across from Hainan Island. Father was in class with Fu Ling at business college, 1994. Was in town to visit sister Lu Xiao Bo. Wants help with his English (sends email regularly). Going to Australia to study.

Lu Zhin Yuan, male, 50s-60s?, in charge of promoting the Tianjin Economic Research. In charge of WTO and recruiting teachers by the time I left.

MacLean, Don, male, 50s, Canadian in Sun Wing Energy, subsidiary of Ivanhoe Energy (John Carver contact)

Pi Xi Tian, male, 25, doctor doing more study at Chongqing University. His home is in Yi Chang (on the Yangzi River).

Pu Yan Ling, female, 50s, close friend of Zhang Fu Ling

Ren Hei Ying, female, 31, English teacher at Bohan Primary who spoke almost no English when I arrived. My office mate.

Shao, Mr., male, 50s, friend of Liu Xiang Qiang. Long time active member in Catholic Cathedral congregation in Tianjin.

Shen Jie, male, late 30s, owns the neighborhood restaurant with wife Pan Gu Yuan.

Shen Yi Fei, female, 11, daughter of Shen Jie and Pan Gu Yuan at the restaurant.

Shen Yuan, female, 30s-40s, brother and wife own the neighborhood restaurant, lives in the same apartment complex as we do. Walks with us in morning to study English.

Su Dong Yu, female, 50s, in charge of the English program for Nankai Education Bureau

Su, Miss or Su Laoshi (teacher). (see Su Dong Yu)

Sun Man, female, 23?, daughter of Sun Zhi Hong.

Sun Zhi Hong, male, late 50s, general headmaster of Bohan Middle School and Bohan Primary School, General Manager of Bohan Enterprises, Secretary General of Nankai Education Bureau, a master at Tai Ji who gave lessons to Zhang Jie and me.

Tian Yuzhie, female, late 20s, English teacher at night at Bohan Primary.

Wang Da-hou, male, 50s, seemed to be working with Lu Zhin Yuan. Left the company in May.

Wang Yu Chun, female, 20s, neighborhood. Calls me Grandma. Speaks English.

Willa (see Cui Hua, her Chinese name)

Xing Jinxia, female, 50s-60s, resident headmaster (Sun Zhi Hong is headmaster)

Xingjin Xia (see Xing Jinxia)

Yong (see Liu Yong)

Yu Chun He, male, 50s-60s, runs travel agency. A philosopher. Good English.

Zhang Fuling (or Zhang Fu Ling), female, late 50s?, owner of Bohan School and Bohan Hotel and Chairman of Board of Directors of Bohan Enterprises. I lived in her home.

Zhang Jian, male, 20s, teaches computer at Bohan Primary and Middle School. My usual bike escort to the Middle School and back.

Zhang Jie, 23 (21?) year old daughter of Zhang Fuling and Zhang Ji Sheng. She gave me her bedroom for the four months stay. Calls me Nai Nai (Grandma).

Zhang Ji Sheng, male, late 50s?, husband of Zhang Fuling, father of Zhang Jie. Seems to supervise the physical plant at the school. Early translation indicated he was a retired policeman. Later translation: a legal arbitrator (judge) for some years.

Zhihong Sun (see Sun Zhi Hong, which is the correct spelling)

Zhang Yu, female, 27, teaches English at Bohan Primary, speaks more than other teacher, Ren Hai Ying. My office mate.

Zhang Xin, female, 50s, Director (of Living) at Bohan Primary

Zhang Zhong, female, late 50s, Director (of Learning) at Bohan Primary.

Zhin Yuan (see Lu Zhin Yuan)