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Annual Conference Session

Our Annual Conference Session is where clergy and lay representatives from United Methodist churches from the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley to the Oregon border and all of Nevada except for the Las Vegas area (over 1000 delegates) gather together for the annual meeting. It is usually held in Burlingame, CA (just a mile south of the San Francisco airport) or in Modesto in mid-June (before or after Father's Day) from Wednesday to Saturday. Nick Strobel is the lay delegate and our pastor is the clergy delegate for our church.

Annual Conference Session links: 2017 -- 2016 -- 2015

Recap of Annual Conference Session 2017 by the Conference Director of Communications.

You can also see the first part of the ACS 2010 report for a photo-journal that gives you an idea of what an Annual Conference Session is like.

ACS 2013 report by Nick Strobel

Handbook for Newbies to an Annual Conference Session (select the link to download the Word doc)

Reports from past Annual Conferences are available on the Past Annual Conferences page.

The "Journal" from the most recent Annual Conference Session is on the Resources / Journals page of the Cal-Nevada UMC website. The Journal gives a complete record of what happened at an Annual Conference Session. See the "Previous Journals" page for the records of previous AC sessions.

Rethink Church

Powered by the Holy Spirit, 'Rethink Church' serves as a catalyst that moves the denomination, and those we hope to reach, into dialogue -- and ultimately, into transformative, collaborative action. What if church were a verb? What would it look like? Go to "" for more about changes underway in the United Methodist Church.

Western Jurisdictional Conference

Every four years representatives from the United Methodist churches in Alaska, California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Hawaii gather to plan programs for the next four years and elect bishops for the annual conferences in the western United States.

General Conference

Every four years representatives from United Methodist churches all over the world gather to set direction for the entire denomination for the following four years. General Conference is the only body that officially speaks for the denomination.

The 2016 General Conference met in Portland, Oregon from May 10 to May 20, 2016.

To find out more about General Conferences in general, see the General Conference 101 page or see the materials in our website about the UMC organization from our link below. (Although the GC 101 page is dated 2007, it still provides a good tutorial about General Conference.)

United Methodist Church Organization

Wesley United Methodist Church -- Bakersfield, CA