This will be the committees page. Description of the committees in unchurched language and also job descriptions for each of the committees.

Leadership List 2008 (list of all committee members for 2008-09 year, July to June-- PDF document)

Administrative Council



The Endowment Committee for Wesley Church Bakersfield has been set up to receive, administer, and invest bequests, trusts, and trust funds given to the church. The full description of their duties are described in Paragraph 2533 and 2532.5 of the Book of Discipline. Select here for the local church endowment committee description from the Discipline. (PDF document).



The Finance Committee oversees the receiving and expenditure of church funds, making sure that the funds are properly accounted for. The committee receives all financial askings to be included in the annual budget, compiles a complete annual budget and submits it to the Administrative Council for review and adoption. The committee has the responsibility for developing and implementing plans to raise sufficient income to meet the budget adopted by the Administrative Council. The committee administers the funds received according to the instructions from the Administrative Council. The committee provides for an annual audit of the records of the financial officers of the church and all of the church organizations and reports that to the entire church at the annual church meeting (the "charge conference").

The committee meets quarterly on the Sunday before the Admin Council meeting for that month. They meet in the church office after the worship service.

Adopted Church Budget for the current year

Apportionments Questions answered

Church members often ask about where their "apportionments" (our giving to the church beyond the local church). The following sites from the denomination office provide a good explanation of what our giving to the church at large does and why United Methodists do this sort of giving to larger church beyond the local church ministries.

Our Annual Conference Foundation office in Sacramento has also put together a helpful apportionment site called "Apportionments: Changing Lives Through Our Connection."



The Memorials Committee receives and administers all bequests made to the church. The committee communicates to the contributor the appreciation of the church for the bequests and makes recommendations to the Administrative Council for how the memorial funds should be best used.

The committees meets as needed but at least once every quarter.



The Membership/Evangelism Committee coordinates programs that help bring in new attendees and members and help them "plug in" to any church activity or aspect of church life of interest. The committee also coordinates fellowship activities that forster support and nurture of the church members and caring for their needs. The committee follows up with new visitors, creates fellowship activities and groups, provides for the sponsorship of new members, makes sure there are greeters before and after worship services, and strives to channel the gifts and talents of the church members in ways that will continue to build the Kingdom of God.

The committee meets <need day, frequency, and location>

Mobile sound system set-up instructions. Sound system used for neighborhood block party and other large gatherings.

Missions/Social Concerns


The Missions/Social Concerns Committee draws the church members' attention to the local and larger community ministries of compassion, justice, and advocacy. The committee provides information on social concerns and missions, opportunities for community service, special appeals (offerings for conference, national, or international relief efforts). The committee meets the Thursday before Administrative Council at 5 PM.



Staff Parish Relations


The Staff Parish Relations Committee is our personnel committee that provides an oversight capacity for the pastor and other paid staff. The committee assists the pastor and staff in assessing their gifts and sets priorities for leadership and service. The committee keeps alert to the needs, interests, and moods of the church members and communicates that to the staff. The committee also communicates with the church membership the work of the committee when needed. Other duties include conversing with a new pastor who is assigned to the church by the Bishop, interviewing candidates for other paid staff positions, creating a profile of the church and community that can be used by the Bishop to determine the proper pastor for the church, recommending salary and benefits for the staff every year, and evaluating the staff every year.

The committee meets at least quarterly except during the summer usually on a Tuesday at 5:45 PM in the Lounge of the Education Building.

Pastoral Transition

Unlike many Protestant denominations, the ordained clergy in the United Methodist Church are itinerant and are appointed by the bishop of the conference in which the local church resides. The local church does not put out a call for a pastor nor does it hire the pastor. The United Methodist ordained clergy are members of the Annual Conference, not the local church.

When it is time for the pastor to leave for another church, members of the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC), meet with the District Superintendent to discuss the ministry of the local church and what type of pastoral leader would best lead the local church into the future. That information and the local church/community profile form are given to the Bishop and the Cabinet of District Superintendents. Together, the Bishop and Cabinet prayerfully and thoughtfully appoint a new pastor.

At some point after a decision is made by the Bishop, the District Superintendent brings the new pastor to meet with the members of the SPRC. The new pastor is the person the Bishop fully intends to appoint to the church. The SPRC and new pastor talk with each other about the local church, their dreams of the future of the local church, and how they all will work together to achieve those dreams. The new pastor leaves the SPRC meeting and the SPRC members talk with the District Superintendent about the new pastor to see if there is any "compelling reason" for why the new pastor should not be appointed to that local church. Race, gender, age, or ethnic background are not compelling reasons. The District Superintendent then talks with the new pastor to see if there is any "compelling reason" for why the new pastor should not accept the appointment. If there is no compelling reason blocking the appointment, the new pastor is formally appointed at the Annual Conference session and begins serving the local church on July 1.

Other links for Personnel Issues

Consumer Price Index (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

COLA calculations (link to a separate page that tells how the government's COLA figures are determined that the Annual Conference also uses)



The Board of Trustees has the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the chuch and off all property and equipment acquired directly by the church or any group or organization connected to the church provided the Trustees operate within the bounds developed by the United Methodist Church as described in the United Methodist book of beliefs, structure, regulations, and procedures (the "Book of Discipline"). The Trustees review annually the adequacy of the property, liability, and crime insurance coverage on all church-owned property, buildings, and equipment. The Trustees also review annually the adequacy of personnel insurance and reports its findings at the all-church meeting (the "charge conference"). The Trustees provide for the proper maintenance of all church-owned property, buildings, and equipment and make plans for the future development of properties. The Trustees help establish policies for the proper use of church facilities. The Trustees receive and administer all trusts of the church and invest all trust funds of the church in a legal, ethical, and moral manner. The Trustees represent the church in all legal matters.

The committee meets <need day, frequency, and location>

Mobile sound system set-up instructions. Sound system used for neighborhood block party and other large gatherings.



The Worship/Music Committee coordinates the worship activities of the church. The individuals who have responsibilities that relate to worship (music, communion, acolytes, ushers, refreshments, etc.) are members of the committee as well as other interested church members and the pastor. The committee works with the pastor to plan special worship experiences, retreats, and spiritual growth activities.

The committee meets the first Monday of the month in the Education Building Lounge at 5:30 PM.

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